SEO Best Practices for Web Developers


1. Take time to analysis keywords

To determine the simplest keywords for your web site, you will need to try and do some keyword analysis. This sometimes consists of comb through your competitors’ sites for the keywords that square measure driving them the foremost traffic. There square measure many ways that you’ll be able to start with keyword analysis. One suggested manner is to make a programme along with your competitors’ sites listed and add keywords that you simply will copy and paste your competitors’ keywords into Google’s Keyword Tool and Google Webmaster Tools Keyword analyser tool. 

2. concentrate on your Title tag

This is the headline for each article. It must be daring and a focus grabbing therefore it will catch the attention of potential users. decide it somewhere around 60-90 characters to form certain it’s displayed properly in search engines similarly as legible within the browser tab. As you write your title, concentrate on the distinctive keywords your readers square measure doubtless to go looking for. additionally check that that the keywords you choose square measure relevant to your page. Another sensible observe is to form the title tag and your header (h1) constant.

3. fastidiously craft your H1, H2, H3 tags

Careful usage of header tags helps search engines establish keywords among your page. to induce the simplest results from your header tags, use H1, H2, and H3 so as with keywords in your H2 and H3 headers that support your H1 tag. Remember, your H1 tag ought to mimic your title tag, whereas the H2 and H3 will expand and add extra context. you’ll be able to additionally utilize multiple H2 and H3 tags, but make sure that these headers square measure supporting the H1 tag and relevant to the content on your page. victimization unsuitable header keywords will truly work to your disadvantage.

4. Avoid loading content with JavaScript

Despite it’s quality, JavaScript isn’t however well supported by search engines and might mask necessary content. Progressive net Apps especially will suffer as key content is loaded once the page is spidered, or within the case of the many search engines that don’t however index JavaScript not loaded in the slightest degree. this is often additionally the case for several social media sites, which means that content loaded dynamically isn’t evaluated or force in, leading to the default skeleton of your web site being what shows up in search engines and in link previews.

5. fastidiously name pictures

In the past search engines would appraise your pictures supported their EL tag, but as additional and additional developers loaded unsuitable keywords into this hidden image text search engines instead value-added additional stress to the particular name of the image itself. this suggests victimization generic image names like one.jpg will truly hurt your web site ranking as search engines could be searching for seokeywords.jpg. Now, simply because you are fastidiously naming your pictures with relevant keywords describing the image doesn’t suggest you ought to ignore the EL tag. make sure to still embody EL tags for older search engines, within the case the image does not load, and for accessibility (ie screen readers).

6. Work to boost your page load time

It’s not a secret that quicker sites rank higher in search engines. Most search engines use the PageSpeed Index from Google to see the speed of internet sites. One issue Google appearance at is how briskly pictures square measure loading. For this reason, we have a tendency to suggest taking a glance at however long it takes for the primary image to load on your web site or perhaps profit of lazy loading for non-critical pictures. you would like pictures to be loading among thirty seconds at absolutely the latest, before the user will truly click on the page. you furthermore may ought to check that that if you are victimization multiple pictures that they load united cluster. Next, take a glance at however long it takes to load a webpage. square measure pages taking longer than 3 seconds to load on your site? you would like to possess pages that load quick for users, however your code and templates will simply be inflicting this to happen.

7. Optimize text throughout your page

Beyond your title tag, headers, and pictures it is vital to figure keywords into your commonplace content, whereas additionally operating to avoid overloading keywords. to assist stop overloading and increase programme rankings across multiple keywords you’ll be able to use different phrases. within the case of “PHP training” an alternate phrase could be “PHP tutorials” or “PHP course.” This each helps support the first keyword, whereas additionally permitting the page to rank for these keywords similarly. bear in mind to use the tools documented on top of to seek out the keywords that square measure right for your web site, so work them in to natural sentences while not forcing keywords or turning into excessively repetitive. additionally confine mind, even as necessary because the content and keywords on the page square measure to go looking engines, however users interact therewith content is additionally important. If your page experience’s high bounce rates or low engagement with the content, it’s doubtless to be deprioritized by search engines, which means a page extremely optimized for search engines however not humans might fancy a better ranking, however just for a brief time before it’s heavily fined.


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